Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles Look Simply Fabulous And Are A Lot Easier To Install Than Tin Make Your Ceili

In the middle of the nineteenth century, tin celings began to become fashionable in The United States. Decorative plaster ceilings were commonly used by wealthy Europeans, but in America, this was not a practical solution, despite the great beauty of plaster ceilings. The tin ceiling was Americas middle-class equivalent to European plaster ceilings. Mass production of tin ceiling tiles was very easy at that time.

Tin was light in weight, easy to stamp with intricate detail, and easy to work with – in many ways superior to plaster – for many Americans it was the material of choice. So, in the middle of the nineteenth century, lots of ceilings in hotels, businesses and homes were covered with embossed tin panels.

In the early twentieth century interest in tin ceilings waned, as other materials became more prevalent. But the late twentieth century saw a surge of interest in renovation architecture which put tin ceilings back in the limelight, and many vendors started producing faux tin and real tin tiles for renovating old buildings and decorating new ones.

The decorative plaster ceilings which were so popular amongst wealthy Europeans, despite their great beauty, had several disadvantages for Americans – they were difficult to ship and took a long time to mold. They were also very difficult to apply to unfinished ceilings. Tin tiles were much cheaper to use, with their suitability for fine-detailed work and ease of installation.

Tiin tiles were also mildew and moisture resistant and had good sound-absorbency qualities, and had the potential to last much longer than drywall or plaster could. When it came to installation, the square panels were light and easy to handle, and the tin panels could be nailed into wood.

In the eighteen-nineties the popularity of tin ceilings reached its peak – after which a less ornate effect became fashionable, and much of the tin ornamentation was covered with drywall or acoustic drop ceiling tiles. The tables were turned several decades later, as people developed nostalgia for the grandeur of the past, and many people removed the coverings from old tin ceilings to reveal the splendour below.

Most tin ceilings were found to be remarkably well preserved. A certain amount of stripping, mending or repainting was usually called for, but most of the tin ceilings restored in this way had withstood the passage of time much better than anyone could have foretold.

Nowadays, there are online merchants who produce tin tiles in a range of traditional designs, to meet the growing interest in both restoring original tin ceilings, and creating new ones. There is a good supply of custom designs to suit more contemporary architecture, as well as silver, copper and antiqued finishes to feed the nostalgia for the American Victorian era.

Some people like the original metal look of their tin ceilings, while others prefer to paint the tiles to capture the appearance of plaster. Whether you opt to paint the tin or not, the results look simply stunning! There are also merchants who supply faux tin drop in tiles, as well as real tin ones. These have even more advantages over their metal counterparts – these 24 x 24″ tiles are cheaper and lighter, and can be dropped into a grid system or glued to a flat surface. And, most importantly of all, they look wonderful!

Lewis Mcdonald loves historic tin ceilings and is skilled at installing and repairing real tin and faux tin ceilings. To learn more click here: faux tin ceiling tiles,

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Facial Redness Causes For Women over 40

Facial redness and blotches are two problems that become really common. To know why that happens, you need to know the causes behind them, some of which are given below:

Hot Flashes

Menopause cause red flashing of skin which is known as hot flashes. When that happens, the woman generally feels warm that pass from top of her head to her chest. Flushing results in red blotchy faces and she also may feel that her heart is racing. She will also sweat more and this condition, i.e. hot flashes generally lasts for about four minutes, as Aetna Health reports. Generally the age at which menopause starts for a woman is 51; but as Aetna Health reports, hot flashes start about two or three years before they stop menstruating.

Dry and Flaky Skin

Facial redness may also occur due to dry skin, which becomes common as we age. For women, the onset of menopause results in massive hormonal changes; even in pre-menopause stage which increase this problem. That is why women in the age group of 40, 50 and 60 suffer from dry and flaky skin. To lesson this appearance, be sure to use a good moisturizer as well as a mild soap.


Another chronic skin condition called rosacea produce facial redness especially in women who are 40 and above. Patients of this problem find deep red patches on their cheeks and nose. It can also be triggered by variety of reasons like hot beverages, spicy food, going out in sun without proper sun protection, hot weather as well as alcohol. If you are one of such sufferer who has persistent and active rosacea very frequently, then you need to see a dermatologist to make sure this problem does not permanently damage your skin.

Age Spots

Liver spots or age spots are another cause of face becoming red. They are actually flat and reddish brown in color, much like the color of your liver! If you had been neglecting proper care while going out in the sun, then you will see them in your hands, arms, face or chest, as you age. To make sure that these are not produced further you need to stay out of sun and think about going for treatments like skin-resurfacing to lighten those spots that you already have.

Broken Capillaries

Telangiectasia, which is also known as broken capillaries, occurs when broken or dilated blood vessels occur on mature skin. As we age, skin loses its elasticity and broken capillaries as facial redness shows its ugly presence. You can see them as blotchy lines under eye, on cheeks, chin and also on side of your nose. Various treatments are present to remove them like ozone injections, laser light therapy, medicated creams and toning cryomessage. All of them help to reduce broken blood vessels and hence stop the spreading of redness,

Actinic Keratoses

Not all facial redness is harmless; there are skin lesions called actinic keratosis or AKs which are pre-cancerous and are often scaly and blotchy. So if you have these reddish brown lesions in your face, it is time to see your dermatologist for skin cancer tests. Most skin cancers are caused by lifelong exposure to sun; but if AKs are detected in earliest state, your dermatologist can help you to freeze them or prescribe you medicated creams to take care of them before they become cancerous.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

The problem of seborrheic dermatitis appears as greasy-looking blotchy scales and redness. The common areas that are most affected by this facial redness problem are eyelids, eyebrows, and areas around your nose.

Cherry Angiomas

On the other hand, the raised red bumps, called cherry angiomas, you see on your face are quite harmless and common in women when they hit the middle age.


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Vintage Tees

Shop online for Vintage Tees and trendy hoodies

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That’s just juvenile

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Single Women Over 40 Looking For Love

There are many women out there who are over 40 and still haven’t found the right person in their life. You may actually be surprised to find out just how many women over 40 there are still looking. But they are proud women who have taken care of themselves and want to find Mr. Right and have a happy life. Most of the women are ones that have worked hard to make sure they remain beautiful and in shape too. All they are missing is that final step in life of finding love.

The beautiful women that are over 40 and are still single would love to find that perfect man to share their lives with. Plus they are looking for a person who will be there to support them and make sure they have a comfortable life. Its a dream that is shared not just by beautiful women over 40 but by girls of all ages, they want their Mr. Right.

Most have tried many ways to find the right man to be in their lives but just haven’t been able to find him as of yet. Even using the traditional methods in the past of going to singles bars or blind dates with little or no success at all. All that beautiful women over 40 want is to find the one guy who will fit into that piece of what they are missing in life.

The internet is a great option for many singles to use and even those beautiful women over 40. There are even sites that they can focus their search and be placed with many other beautiful women over 40 who are still searching for their Mr. Right.

Though you would think that all those beautiful women over 40 wouldn’t have a problem finding a man, a lot of men could just be too busy to look. But when they take a moment out of their lives they may be able to find their own Mrs. Right.

Debra is an experienced writer on the professional singles market and dating industry. She has been writing for many years and has had many articles published throughout various mediums. Some of her most favorite topics to write on include single professionals over 30, mature professional singles, and matchmaking. Debra’s articles are a quick and enjoyable read. They are especially great for anybody searching to begin dating and still keep up with their hectic lives.

Secrets For Successul Dating Of Women Over 40

It’s large age gap that makes dating in teenage time is absolutely dissimiliar to dating in the age of 40s. While the over mature daters feel unfamiliar after being out of game for a long time, they do possess one critical strong point that they know exactly what they want from a date.


Still, most single women over 40 complain about not being able to find Mr. Right. It doesn’t matter what situation you might currently be in. The fact is your Mr. Right is out there somewhere and following the tips below will increase your chances of finding him or being found by him.


1. Attend Family and School Reunions

It’ll amaze you how some of your high school buddies have changed over the years. A reunion is a place to meet someone you share something in common with. Past memories or events are an excellent springboard for a conversation and maybe a date if he tickles your fancy.


2. Join Local Charity Organizations

Every city in the Western world has charities that need volunteers to help them with their mission. Don’t you think someone (who is single) who shares your passions will be more willing to an invitation on a date?


3. Ask People You Know

A great man once said “Ask and it’ll be given to you.” So don’t feel shy asking your family and close friends that you’re back in the dating game and welcome their recommendations. The truth is people who know you will love to see you happy and will take great joy in introducing you to potential dates.


4. Join an Online Dating Service

Believe it or not but countless stories abound of couple who met, fell in love and are still together. There are also niche dating websites that cater specifically for over 40s.


5. Take an Activity Class

Have you ever wanted to learn how to dance Salsa or become proficient at digital photography? Then joining a class in your town will expose you to other like minded and interesting singles.


6 Go to Corporate Events

Perhaps you own a business and keep putting of joining your local chamber of commerce. Well, the people you’ll meet at these events will have a good understanding of your lifestyle and appreciate your drive. Plus, even if you don’t find someone you fancy, you can always ask them to introduce you to someone in their circle of influence who’s single.


7. Have a Regular Habit of Going Out

This could be to your local coffee shop, library or shopping mall. The point is that if you’re not out and about, how can you find potential fun and interesting single men? So get off your blessed assurance and start mingling.


In a world containing at least 2 billion men, I believe there’s someone out there who’ll make a great match for you. You only have to seek and keep seeking and very soon you’ll find them…or they’ll find you.


Please Pay Attention

Asking the right questions on a date could either draw him closer or chase him away. Discover some horror scenarios at the link below

Questions to Ask on a Date

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Vintage Clothing

Just add pearl vintage is passionate about vintage clothing. We believe in making our promising customers stand out from the crowd. We offer you wide range of styles, sizes and eras for men and women. We bring out the vintage clothing from all around the world.

Our aim is to offer you wide ranging of affordable, clean, gorgeous and ready to wear vintage clothing. These vintage clothes are available for women and men. We had tried to recall the earlier time of fashion. Our clothing will remind you the memory of bygone eras. We have also the collection of retro clothes and accessories during the period of 1940s to 1980s. These clothes will represent you in a stylish way and different shine at the affordable price. You can choose your vintage from the various size, colors, trends and Eras.

Why Just Add Pearl Vintage?

There are various companies growing in the market by taking off their vintage clothes, but you are thinking why Just add pearl only? Because we believed in the satisfaction of our customers stylish look, which make them different and give all the varieties. You do not require moving here and there. We are providing you all the vintage clothing under the one roof. Our vintage clothing is consisted of Vintage prom dresses, tops, jackets, designer vintage, coats, designer vintage coats, designers jackets, scarves, bags, denim, shirts, handbags, playsuits, jumpsuits, all vintage party wears and many more.

Our Vintage Clothing Passion

Our Vintage and retro clothing belong to the bygone decades of 1920, 1930, 1940,1950,1960,1970 and 1980s. We have all the collections of vintage shoes, jewelry, bags and all. Our product price has a wide range along with the unique color and designs. We have already mentioned that we are passionate about Vintage clothing, so we choose these clothes by self

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You have an opportunity to choose eco friendly vintage clothing. It is not just the way to offer you antique sense of style, it also make an eco friendly appearance to clothes shopping. We understand the importance of bygone Eras fashion that is why we kept these memories in the form of Vintage clothing. We preserved the history, and culture of the Vintage fashion. These types of trendy clothes give a path to explore about bygone eras. Our various customers look for something Vintage clothes like as silk or cotton. We have clothes obsession and we will come back to you by every kind of fabrics and latest stylish methods. We deliver all the booking orders within one day. So why are you waiting for? Become our promising customer and enjoy the vintage clothing.

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Eco-friendly Jute Bags Are Actually Used For Much More Than Simply Coffee

Seeing that coffee usage continues to climb all through the globe, one of the most fashionable objects in this modern day is the coffee bag. It is possible for you to ordinarily acquire coffee sacks in two sizes: the larger bags recognized as burlap sacks or smaller bags tailored for an individual serving. So that you can help you realize the physical appearance of the more compact sacks, just look at a tea bag considering that they happen to be strikingly similar.

The burlap coffee bags, on the other hand, are actually substantially larger and are used to secure coffee as it is transported all-around the entire world. No matter if the coffee is actually transferred from the farm or the storage facility, these bags are predominantly relied upon to perform the job. Typically, these particular coffee sacks have a light brown or cream-like color to them and many instances have unique images exhibited on them. Typically, the fancier sacks happen to be even offered as standard carrying bags to transport your personalized goods, food, or different heavy items.

Sacks that are actually constructed of burlap all possess jute, which is a tough fiber that will not break up very easily. These burlap bags can undertake a great deal of weight before they show all the signals of bursting which is why coffee manufacturers really like to utilize them. They happen to be furthermore able to transport a significant volume of coffee (one hundred thirty – a hundred and fifty pounds) in a solitary bag. Nonetheless you can easily find smaller sacks which will only haul around roughly 5 pounds. Given that these particular coffee sacks happen to be created to breathe and they are utilized generally by coffee farmers, they radiate a tremendous scent even after the coffee is no longer within the bag.

In addition to the most common usages for burlap, did you have any notion that it could additionally be used to stuff your bed? Using this method you can use your bed to be helpful to the environment. Also, burlap is commonly used to create re-usable sacks which are becoming progressively more sought after. You can easily use these particular bags to transport all kinds of goods all while doing your own part to aid the environment.

Thanks to their special texture, there are actually certain individuals which even make drapes by applying burlap sacks. Other men and women have identified which they make fantastic weed repellants for their backyard garden or these people make use of them as an outdoors table cloth. Nevertheless regardless of what consumers happen to use burlap bags for, there is absolutely no doubt that they have come to be a lot more wide-spread in everyday living.

Looking for some great deals on an affordable burlap bag? Check out Jack’s newest website full of burlap bags in a variety of different sizes and colors.

Fall Fashion Tips For Little Girls

Summer is over and autumn is just around the corner. Fall or autumn months usually starts in September and ends in November. A lot of people like fall or autumn because of the different changes that is happening in the ecosystem. During autumn, we see changes in the leaf color and the weather is becoming remotely chilly. Naturally, this season is a transition of seasons from the hot summer to the cold winter.

As soon as fall creeps in, it is time to revise your little girl’s antiquated attire. Take heed as fashion for this season can be a little tricky. Why is this so? Tricky, because this is the time of the year wherein it is still too early for heavy wardrobe, but too late for summer dresses. Following are excellent tips if you wish to update your child’s outmoded look this autumn.

Flower Trend Are So In This Fall
This season, flowery and flower garnishes are certainly back. Floral wear can diversify from dresses, shirts and skirts. They are easy to match up. A floral t-shirt can suit jeans and cardigans. Aside from flower-patterned shirts and dresses, pick out floral hair accessories for your daughter like a small flower clip or a floral headdress.

Lacey Tops And Skirts
Many designers have launched their designs for fall and apparently laces are back to rule the catwalk. Choose a nice top with lace and it will certainly look well on your little girl. Pastels and light colored tops are desirable choice among girls too. Be certain to get her one this season.

Plaid Are Still Modish
Plaids are very casual and chic. They are still in this season. You can discover all sorts of plaids shirts, skirts, jackets online. Plaid tights are now becoming very trendy. Ask your kid if she is comfortable to wear plaid tights before you purchase because some kids are still hesitant to try those.

Black Tights And Stockings
Any tops can go well with black tights and stockings. They are very relaxing famously when it becomes a little chilly outside. Don’t be afraid to try new things. You can even ask your child to wear boots while wearing a nicely fitted pair of black tights underneath.

Popular Jacket Or Coat
Jackets are not just trendy they are very comfortable as well. Since the weather is changing from summer to winter, it can become a little airy outside. This season, buy your girl a nice jacket or coat in bright and metallic colors. Blue, pink, yellow and green jackets are very trendy nowadays. You can even match your child’s jacket with fun yellow boots and shoes for a more edgy look.

Little girls like to play and experiment with their hair. With that said hair trappings are still in. They never go out of style. Gossip girls a very popular television series has initiated the use of headbands and many girls are adapting the look from then on. Hair accessories can range from simple clips to grandiose floral headbands. Aside from hair accessories, purses are very expedient. Your child can stuff all sorts of stuff. Find a nice purse with floral prints and your child will be surely happy.

Kids are so fashionable. They are now sporting different wears. This autumn, certainly floral and accessories are in. Jackets and coats on the other hand are practical wear. Boots and stockings can complete one’s look. If you are shopping for your child’s clothes, behold the tips above and confidently you will never go wrong. Good luck!

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Fashionable Apparel for Girls in Summer Season

It can be brimming with youthful vigor in the season of summer in 2010, which reveals a great temptation and funny elegance, interpreting a different and wonderful lifestyle for women. The hallow style is sexy and stunning, which will appear informal on the condition where you match together with the white logo vest, and it really is stuffed with understated sumptuous and tends to make you generous in the date.The transparent shirt of black and white lattice, jumpsuit and high heel shoesNot merely the tight-fitting styles can show the elegance of ladies, also, the loose model additionally tends to make the wearing feeling in the season of summer cool to outstand the easy feeling, in order that the gown brimming with noble spirit will right away hold the sweet style.

It takes the gauze as the leading material for that garments, which can be filled with romantic ambiance moreover the clear and exquisite feeling.Transparent silk shirt and complete skirtUnderneath the retro pattern, the higher waist skirt is popular this summer time. The short skirt likewise exhibits the beauty of a set of lengthy legs, which makes it the whole design even more appealing. The nostalgic and romantic components mirror on the clothes and ornamental particulars.Multi-level mesh casual shirts, leggings and pendantThe multi-level match can show your unlimited style far more. It creates the refreshing colour sequence in spring and summer and transmits the sweet personality through the mesh texture to display the marvelous disposition of women with jumpsuit and high heels!Tassels vest, white short sleeve shirts with white sequins, Denim shorts, sunbonnet and canvas footwear.

The tassels vest will be the extremely important single product to carry out the Bohemian style which has a powerful bohemian feeling, and it seems youthful to match using the comfy casual pants, additionally, a good deal of tassels furthermore add the flowing sense for the full type, appropriate for everyday gown and events.Knitted gown, white logo vest, canvas sneakers, watches and necklacesThe 1 piece dress is consistently traditional to dress up yourself, whilst it may cultivate your physique, it is elegant, sweet and lively, in order that boys cannot move their eyes from your captivating dresses. The hallow style is sexy and charming, and the white logo vest shows the informal environment, which happens to be inundated with understated luxury, so that it ought to be the important single product to make you appear decent inside your date.

Dating Advice for women over 40

“There are three kinds of men who do not understand women: Young, old, and middle-aged.”

But all jokes aside you don’t need to be Nostradamus or a rocket scientist to realise that if you a single woman in your 40s and 50s trying to date may be a little tough.There’s not nearly as many single men as there are women, and many of those single men are still hoping for that younger woman to come along. That’s right, the perfect single 30 year old who’s looking for a 50 year old who “doesn’t look 50!”

So, what do you do if you’re a single 40 or 50 something year old woman who’s looking for love? You don’t have to lie about your age, get a face lift or die lonely. Isn’t that great news? Really! You have to remember that you’re competing against a group of women who tend to be tough to date, and if you can set yourself apart from these women then you’re a hot commodity!!

Here is some real advice, written by real women in their 40’s the ones who know the secret to getting and keeping a good man.

Stop carrying the past around. By this time in our lives chances are you’ve experienced one or more of the following, being verbally abused, emotionally abused, cheated on, ripped off, lied to and the list goes on. Don’t blame the innocent guy sitting opposite you chances are he has had his fair share of let downs and disappointments too. It’s time to drop the baggage and stop thinking the next guy will have to make up for all the mistakes the last guy made. Life doesn’t work that way.

Don’t make men jump through hoops. You already know a great guy in his 40’s and 50’s is hot property right? Then why risk losing the opportunity to get to know him by playing silly games. Being aloof and making a guy chase you because you think you are worth the chase was fine when you are in your 20’s but men have had enough, they want women to make an effort and not play so hard to get. I’m not suggesting you invite him in for coffee after the first date but go out of your way to let him know you’ve had a good time and enjoyed his company. Don’t make him call 5 times before you return one of his calls.

Have confidence in who you are and what you have to offer. Men are always more attracted to women who are happy within themselves. By now you have most probably figured out what to wear and how to wear it, what styles suit you best and how to do the best with what you have been given. You need to make an effort, not every man will be attracted to every woman but if you are warm and friendly and in touch with your own femininity the date will be a success even if he is not the man of your dreams. Remember when you are on a date it’s about leaving an impression to keep the man thinking about you, flirt, have a good time and get to know the man but most of all remember that it’s a date not a job interview!

Stop being so fussy and demanding. Have your wish list by all means but being too fussy is not a badge of honour to brag to your girlfriend about! Remember to consider the possibility and probability that you most likely created the visual of what the guy you’re going to fall in love with looked like when you were in your 20’s. Guess what?? Sadly they don’t look like that anymore! And neither do you although you have most likely been fortunate enough to have had some cosmetic help along the way. Enough of the “I’m just not attracted to men who are not at least 6ft!” I don’t like guys who are balding or who have a moustache. Let that old unrealistic picture you have in your brain about physical attributes go, and be open! Mature women are some of the fussiest women around and mostly about things that really aren’t important. Be wiser, more evolved, don’t judge on the first date and look beyond the physical. Give the guy a chance.

Forget the wish list men are not made to order Its good to know who you are and what you’re looking for but things have gone a little too far. Women in their 40’s and 50’as are continuously heard saying “there are no good guys left” “All the best ones are taken” “men all want younger women”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is that men are a little scared to put themselves out there because they are getting judged on the car they drive, the suburb they live in, did they go to university, the job they do even if he’s is on a 6 figure income if he’s not a professional many women won’t even go out on a date. Love is love and looking for love is about having the opportunity to cross paths with someone unique, someone who touches our hearts. Even the greatest love stories ever told have tried to open our minds to the possibility that real love doesn’t come with a guarantee that he will meet all of our expectations, you only have to find the romantic inside of you look at Titanic rich high society girl Rose falls in everlasting love with lower class boy Jack, The Bridges of Madison county, luckily Francesca didn’t judge Robert Kincaid on the car he drove she simply had an open heart and fell in love.

All I’m really saying ladies is that great guys aren’t as scarce as you may think. They are being overlooked by other women because they like sport or they are not 6ft2, or because of what they do for a living, or because they have been married, or haven’t been married, or have kids, or don’t have kids get the drift? Meeting a great guy to share happy times with is what its about why not be the one to stand out from the crowd and give a guy a go you might just find the pickings are more sweet than slim.

Now all you have to do is find a way to actually meet some great guys. Perth Dating Services will help you meet your match no matter what your age all you need is a little courage and an open heart. Call today for more information 9344 2355 or fill in our online compatibility search www.perthdatingservices.com.au

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